In-Home Postpartum Services

Closing of the Bones for Mother + Newborn CranioSacral Treatment

A healing 75-minute treatment for mom following birth that includes full body massage with an abdominal focus for bringing blood flow and energy, as well as gentle rebozo rebounding to increase pelvic realignment.

A gentle 30 to 45-minute CranioSacral healing treatment for new baby to encourage the balance and alignment of the Central Nervous System, which includes the cranium, spine and pelvis.  Some of the benefits include a more balanced latch, increased breastfeeding, improved digestion, deeper sleep and relaxation.  Babies respond wonderfully…

Three In-home CranioSacral Treatments for Baby

Designed for specific symptoms baby may be displaying, including latching, breast-feeding, digestion and sleep.  A model of 3 treatments within 3 weeks will help solidify the positive changes made with each gentle treatment.

In-home CranioSacral Treatment for Baby

Designed for a little ones who may need only 1 treatment to support their developing system.

*Price subject to change if located outside of Portland city limits.