Childbirth Consultations

Consultations by the hour to answer all of your childbirth questions.
Offered via Skype, Telephone or In-Person.
$55.00 per hour
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You didn’t have time to take a full Childbirth Education Series?
You took a Childbirth Class, but still have questions?
You’re due time is coming up and you’re feeling more fear than excitement?
You’re feeling non evidence-based pressure from your Care Providers and are looking for positive support?
This is your 2nd or 3rd birth and you would like new supportive tools for this birth?

These consultations are uniquely designed for the mom who has questions or fears surrounding her upcoming childbirth.  Designed to alleviate fear, increase confidence and instill empowerment for the impending joyful transformation of her and baby.  I incorporate my vast knowledge as a Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Therapeutic Bodyworker of 18 years, Hypnotherapist of 9 years and Childbirth Educator of 8 years. We will address all of your concerns and find the best way to support you together in an intimate one-on-one session via Skype, Telephone or In-Person*.
Accessible world-wide.


*In-person consultations are held in Portland, Oregon.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lori for many years now. She initially treated me and did massage on me due to an injury from a car wreck. She helped my body heal and deal with pain management through that experience. Over the years she’s also treated me for shoulder pain and even stomach issues. Every time I have gotten a massage from her it has been the best massage I could ask for. Lori’s professionalism and years of experience really shine through when you meet with her and have her work on your body. She listens to your needs, she is intuitive and knows exactly where treatment is needed for the best results.

Recently I was able to work with Lori again before my child’s birth in April. Since I no longer lived near Lori I wasn’t able to attend her hypnobirthing classes. I was able to do a video call with her to go over some information and techniques that would help me leading up to my delivery and through the birth. She explained everything really well and put me at ease at a time when I had a lot of anxiety and unknowns about my upcoming delivery. Talking to her on video made it very personable as well. She shared with me some breathing techniques and meditations that we’re very helpful. She also gave me other important information and links to videos and resources to read and focus on to help me be able to have as natural and calm of a birth as I could going into a hospital setting.

These techniques helped me a lot throughout my labor and most importantly they helped me to stay calm and work with the baby as a team and be in my body, not in my head throughout the process. My delivery was a drug free, natural experience that went as well as I could have wanted it to. I’m grateful for the work that Lori does and the beautiful healer and friend that she has become to me. She’s so worth investing in and truly one of the best massage therapists and healers out there!”
Jamie C.