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 My husband and I just completed a hypnobirthing refresher class with Lori and we could not be happier! She gave us so many tools to use as we prepare for birth. She really listened to our concerns and story, and customized the material covered to our direct needs. I highly recommended her for feeling empowered and educated going into labor and delivery.
Molly B.
I NEVER write reviews (I know I should but life gets busy). Lori’s class and method of teaching was so life changing for my husband and I that I had to take the time to write this review. We took Lori’s hypnobirthing class and not only feel prepared and NOT afraid about birth but we took away such a valuable lesson on how to manage stress in everyday life! Lori is the type of person you want to be around all day. She is so full of knowledge and shares it with so much love you leave her class feeling healed, calm, and balanced. A rare feeling in this busy chaotic world. She has truly found her calling in life.
Jennifer B.
Lori is a great teacher and healer who is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She does a great job at helping you find your own vision for what’s right for you and your family and provides constant reminders to trust your own intuition. This coupled with the hypnobirthing techniques has been a huge asset to helping to manage stress during pregnancy (and beyond) and prepare for the birth of our baby girl! She is also a fantastic massage therapist and has helped me heal from pelvic pain. Strongly recommend her as a support person in your healing circle!
Ellen P.


We have recently completed Lori’s Hypnobirthing class. We were not sure what to expect, but now are recommending this class to everyone we know who is expecting. Lori is an amazing educator and an expert in all things pregnancy related. Her knowledge goes beyond just her Hypnobirthing class. The information in the class has helped me to feel confident, relaxed, and equipped for my upcoming birth day in ways that I was not expecting. I feel more prepared and relaxed about potential unexpected events during birth and feel empowered to maintain a relaxed state no matter what happens. We also learned how to apply Hypnobirthing techniques to all aspects of life and we have been able to carry these over to daily life. I would very much so recommend Hypnobirthing, but more importantly with Lori. I feel so lucky to have found her through my pregnancy.

I have been taking Lori’s HypnoBirthing class and my husband and I both went into the class rather unsure what we were embarking on.  While we have yet to put all of the information and techniques into full practice (since we haven’t given birth yet), her teaching style has been amazing and we are both so at ease and released from fear of our first birthing experience.  I HIGHLY recommend Lori and Hypnobirthing.  It’s been a truly fascinating journey thus far and we feel blessed to have met and interacted with Lori.  She’s so well informed, responsive and in tune with the partners with whom she works.
Elise P.

Thank you for the lovely birthing class.  You have a real gift when it comes to preparing people for such a magical and profound experience.  We will take what we learned from you in class forward with us to our birth and beyond!
Elizabeth & Mark

This birthing class was beyond what I could have imagined. Every class was engaging and interesting. Lori was stoked to be there every single time and it showed and even rubbed off on the group. We all enjoyed it even more because of how relaxed, natural, and easy going she was about the whole thing. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t have high hopes for me liking any type of birthing class at all but this straight up was not what I expected. And as they always say, the instructor makes the class.
Danny K.

Yay! Lori is amazing! I took a hypnotizing class from her over the last couple months and will be getting a massage soon. Her class was extremely powerful, helpful, informational, beneficial, and fun! She provides such an awesome and positive atmosphere throughout the whole class every time and really made me and Danny feel super comfortable with her and the whole idea of being pregnant and going through birth. I was kind of a crazy and scared pregnant person before I took her class, and by the second class I already had such an overwhelming calm feeling about the whole situation. I’ve had a few other moms tell me their story from hell, and before Lori’s class I would have gone into panic mode and thought that was what would happen to me. But now after her class it’s amazing how calm I feel! I’ve still heard those stories and I just feel so at peace with my own body and my own birth that I know that will not be me! I would recommend Lori a million times over and over. She will truly change your life and perception of birth! We love her!
Kala V.

My husband and I took Lori’s hypnobirthing class and would recommend it as part of every couple’s birth preparation. I was fearful and anxious for our birth before taking her class, but now feel empowered, relaxed and confident to embrace whatever we encounter during labor and birth – and for that matter, beyond! Lori creates an open, fun and inviting atmosphere, and manages to pack a huge amount of information into just a few sessions. She is a truly passionate and deeply caring person and we feel grateful for her and for our experience! I have also seen Lori for pre-natal massage – if you want to experience true bliss and deep relaxation in the hands of a very skilled therapist, then Lori is your girl. Her massage has been an essential part of my pre-birth relaxation. She is very tuned into the pregnant woman’s body and soul!
Amy H. 

Heather’s Birth Story:
I woke up at 3:00 am on Thursday, September 29th due to contractions. I tried to stay in bed and sleep through the contractions, but by 3:30 am the contractions were too distracting and I was too excited. I got up and started timing my contractions, they were 4 minutes apart, and lasted about 45 seconds, but they were not very intense. At that point, I wouldn’t even say that the contractions were uncomfortable, just noticeable, like when I notice that I am about to get my period. I puttered around the house not knowing what else to do with myself at 4:00 in the morning; I put away dishes, folded the laundry, finished the last of our baby shower thank you notes, and then took a nice long shower. I didn’t want to wake Tom; I knew it was likely going to be the day that we would finally meet Baby Girl, and I needed him to be well rested so he could support me through labor.

6:00 am rolled around and I heard Tom’s alarm go off. He hit the snooze button; at this point my contractions were still consistently 4 minutes apart and had increased slightly in intensity, more like regular period cramps. I decided it was time to notify my manager, Heidi, that I would not be clocking in for work that morning. Next, I called our lead midwife, Melissa. She was excited, even though she sounded a little sleepy, and she told me to call her in a few hours with a status update.

Tom snoozed the alarm a few more times. Every time the alarm went off I resisted the urge to run into the bedroom and jump on the bed to tell him that he would be meeting his daughter soon. However, I knew how important it would be for him to be well rested. Finally, I couldn’t resist anymore, so when the alarm went off again around 6:45 am, I tiptoed into the bedroom and sat down next to him on the bed. I kissed his forehead as he slowly woke up. “I don’t think you should go into work today,” I whispered once his eyes were completely open.

He got out of bed and jumped into the shower. He shaved his neck and trimmed up his beard. “I want to look good for you and Baby Girl,” he said to me sweetly as I walked by the bathroom. Then he put on a pair of jeans and button up shirt, and combed his hair back. By this time, the sun was up; I could tell it was going to be a beautiful, clear, fall day. Tom came out to the kitchen and asked me what I wanted to eat for breakfast. Waffles was the only food that sounded good. Tom remembered that we had a waffle coupon, courtesy of our lovely, former roommates, so we decided that he would go drop off the dogs at doggy daycare and pick up some waffles. He loaded the puppies in the car and off they went. As soon as they pulled out of the driveway, I went straight for the vacuum and vacuumed the whole house. I knew that Tom would disapprove, but it was the last thing on my to-do list!

Tom got back home with my waffle. I slowly munched on it all morning. I continued to live 4 minutes at a time, waiting for the next contraction to begin, breathing through it, then resuming whatever I was doing to pass the time. Throughout early labor, I found that I had to stand for each contraction. Sitting or lying down was too uncomfortable. I spent most of my time walking around the house between contractions, then I would lean up against a tall surface as soon as the contraction began.

By 1:00 pm I was starting to get tired. I only had about 4 hours of sleep under my belt, and was starting to feel the strain of not being able to sit or lay down. We were in continuous communication with our midwives at that point. Our second midwife, Joni, recommended that even though it was uncomfortable, that I try and lay down to rest. Tom sat on the couch and I slowly lowered myself down and was able to find a semi-comfortable position laying across his lap. The sun was warm shining through the sliding glass door as I began drifting off in-between contractions. I was not able to stay in that position for too long, maybe only a half hour or so, but it was enough to help me feel rested.

When I got up, I was feeling determined and figured I would do what I could to get things moving along. I walked up and down the steps of our deck in the sunshine, watched some funny videos with Tom, and tried some different positions on all fours. Around 3:00 pm the intensity of my contractions starting ramping up. As I was having a contraction I felt a dribble of liquid running down my leg. “I think my water just broke,” I told Derrick. We texted Joni and she immediately responded and told us she would be over within the next half hour.

When she arrived, she had me test the liquid using a paper strip which would indicate whether there was any amniotic fluid present. Unfortunately, my water had not broken, it was just a combination of other fluids leaking out of my body. We decided to do a cervical examination. To our delight, I had indeed made progress and was 4-5 centimeters dilated. My morning/afternoon of laboring was not in vain.

We continued laboring at the house. Joni checked Baby Girl’s heart rate during a contraction; she seemed to be tolerating it well. Joni suggested that Tom and I hop in the shower to help alleviate discomfort and increase my oxytocin levels. We stayed in the shower for 3 or 4 contractions before it started getting too hot and humid for me. Once out of the shower, my contractions really started to intensify, but were still about 4 minutes apart and only lasted 50 seconds. The entire time I had been using my breathing techniques, but the intensity of the contractions was starting to make me lose focus. Tom could tell that I was struggling and gently reminded me that it was okay for me to be vocal. I had not realized until that moment that I was holding back, but once he said something, I let it all out. I was no longer actively thinking about what I needed to do; instead I was able to slip into a more primitive and instinctual state of being.

Joni stayed at the house for a while longer, but based on her observations, she did not think I was quite ready to transition to the birthing center. She stepped into the other room with Derrick and they discussed our plan of action. I was becoming less aware of my surroundings at this point, consumed instead by the growing intensity of my contractions. Tom came back to talk with me privately, and asked me if I wanted to go to the birthing center. “What does Joni think?” I remember asking. To my dismay, Tom told me that she thought I wasn’t quite there yet. “But if you are ready to go, we should go,” Tom said to me, an edge of concern in his voice. He could tell how uncomfortable I was. “I can wait a little bit longer,” I replied, trying to put on a brave face.

Joni packed up her things and told us that she would head to the birthing center to help the other midwives prep the room for us. She got in her car and drove away. Minutes after she left, my next contraction started, and the intensity had suddenly increase tenfold. Tom ran to call Joni, and she told us to meet her at the birthing center right away. He walked me to the car and I tried to sit in the front seat, but lowering myself into a seated position only triggered another contraction. “I can’t do this, Tom, I can’t get in the car. I’m not going to make it to the birthing center. The baby is coming now.”

I headed back into the house and started looking around for a place to give birth. All I could think about was how I didn’t want to get fluids all over the living room carpet, but I couldn’t remember the word for tarp, so I went searching for it myself. In the meantime, Tom called Joni to let her know that we were not going to the birthing center. He ran back into the living room and threw pillows on the ground for me, and tried to help me get into a comfortable position. Joni arrived back at the house within 15 minutes. My water still had not broken, so Joni insisted that we do one more pelvic examination. Laying down on the couch for that examination was one of the most difficult things I had ever been asked to do; the pressure on my rectum was so intense. Once the exam was over, Joni assured me that the baby was not coming out yet, but it was definitely time to go to the birthing center.

My sister, Kaitlin had just arrived. Tom was frantically running around the house, making sure we had everything we needed while Joni and Kaitlin tried to get me out to the garage and into the car again. Kaitlin tried to help me put my shoes on, but I insisted that I did not need them. I was about 5 steps into the garage when my next contraction began. I leaned my head against the tool shelf and within a matter of seconds, my water broke. It was unmistakable, it felt like a water balloon popped inside of me. Tom had moved the baby car seat from the backseat so that I could crawl into the back on all fours. I crawled in as far as I could before the next contraction began, but it wasn’t far enough to close the door. After that contraction passed, Joni encouraged me to scoot in just a little bit further. I was finally able to get in far enough. Joni jumped in the backseat with me, Tom started the car, and off we went.

As I was contracting in the car, I started to feel the pressure of Baby Girl’s head pushing down. “Do you feel a burning sensation, Jackie?” Joni asked me right after my contraction stopped. “Yes,” I responded. The drive was all a blur, but I could tell that we were close to the birthing center when I caught a whiff of Fran’s bakery; at that point I felt reassured that I was going to make it.

We pulled up to the birthing center and I remember feeling overjoyed when our lead midwife, Melissa, opened the door and gently guided me out of the car. I had to stop and lean up against the back of a parked van while I breathed through another contraction. Finally, supported by Tom and our third midwife, Allegra, I waddled up the steps, entered the birthing suite, undressed and climbed straight into the birthing tub.

Floating in the birthing tub was the most natural thing. The pressure on my lower back and rectum was still there, but it was removed enough that I could focus on breathing Baby Girl down. Melissa brought me a cool rag for my forehead and soothed me with her soft, encouraging words. Each contraction brought on an intense surge of pressure, and as I was breathing down, I could feel Baby Girl making her way out. For the first few contractions in the birthing tub, I would stop breathing down when the contraction ended, but by the 4th or 5th contraction I knew that I would have to continue breathing down once the contraction had stopped in order to keep the momentum going. I could feel the top of Baby Girl’s head as I reached down into the water. At that point, Allegra positioned Tom in front of me so he could catch Baby Girl. One more contraction and her head came out. I continued breathing down, with a long forceful breath. Finally the next contraction started and Allegra guided Tom’s hands into the water and swiftly twisted Baby Girl out the rest of the way. Tom pulled her out of the water and placed her immediately on my chest, tears in his eyes, laughing with joy.

“Hi, hi, hi,” was the only thing I could say. I was completely smitten by this miraculous, perfectly pink, tiny little baby laying on my chest. I was overwhelmed with love for this child; I was also incredibly in love with my husband, and in awe of the little family we had created.

Baby girl was born at 7:47 pm on Thursday, September 29th. She weighed 7 lbs 12.5 oz and was 20.5 in long. From start to finish my labor only lasted 17 hours. Lilah was born only 20 minutes after we arrived at the birthing center. Our team of midwives was amazing, and Tom exceeded all expectations as a birthing partner. The day I became a mother was by far the most amazing day of my life thus far.

Elizabeth’s Birth Story:
Sunday morning on 3/19 the rushes started very soon after my husband and I made love. It was 9:30am and the rushes were close. I was surprised by how pretty they were. Mark texted our doula, midwife, and sisters. We were so excited! I had a couple more rushes on the floor of the bathroom while Mark fixed me breakfast. Sitting on my yoga ball, I had two more rushes, ate a bite of breakfast, and then wanted to get on the floor. I was on all fours and said “These are getting feirce!” and felt her head push against me. I took off my leggings to see if I could feel her head between my legs and just then our doula opened the door. I thought that was so funny and laughed! Just then my water broke and I was shouting “I love my baby!”
and Angela was born in two more rushes. It was wild! My doula gave her to me and Mark and I admired her in the sunshine until our midwife arrived (20min later) and I delivered the placenta right there on the floor with some pillows under my head. My midwife and doula brought me into the bedroom and Mark carried the baby. My sisters came over and we were all blissed out. I got three stitches and my midwife was fast and efficient. The whole birth was an hour and fifteen minutes and there was no pushing – she really just came out on her own- using birth breathing!
I wasn’t quiet with my eyes closed and thought “this is not at all as serene as the videos” – instead, I was talking and saying things like “I can’t get comfortable, I just have to go into it” “Oh, baby!” and “She’s coming!”
Angela was born 10 lbs. 20 inches.

Andreas’s Birth Story:
We wanted to let you know we had our baby girl Emma Elizabeth on June 25th! She weighed 8lb 12 oz and was 20 3/4 inches long. We had a great birth experience at Kaiser Sunnyside. I was only in labor for 7 hours! We went in to the hospital after about 3 hours of surges. The staff were great with our hypnobirth plan, the nurse even held my hand and gave me an affirmation towards the end. I was able to use the jacuzzi, which felt amazing! My water broke in the tub and I didn’t even realize. I asked to be checked once around midnight because I didn’t know my water broke and thought I might want some meds since I knew it only got more intense after the water bag broke. The midwife kind of laughed and said I was at 9 cm and the water bag was gone. I did have to push towards the end because Emma’s heart rate dropped and she had passed muconium so the staff wanted her out to check her. They checked her quickly after she was born then put her on my chest. Alex also got to do lots of skin to skin. I have to tell you the light touch massage was the best tool for me during the birth. I was on such a high for a full day after the birth. The hospitalist and midwife said I did amazing for it being my first birth, and they could tell when I came in that I would do it naturally. Thanks so much for giving us the tools to have the best birth for Emma!!

Dana’s Birth Story:
In short, hypnobirthing made this labor 100% more comfortable. I had the baby Tuesday January 13 which was 39 weeks and 5 days.  He was 8lb 1oz, 20.5 in long. He is so perfect.  I had a fully unmediated, mostly peaceful and totally successful and beautiful birth.  Pushing did turn into pushing (as opposed to breathing) as the baby was transverse (nose to my hip not my spine) and unfortunately I was not able to fully stay in the zone though what connection I was able to keep with my breath helped me through it.  Not sure what I would have/should have done differently in the pushing stage but I did the best I could and it was good enough!  It was an hour of less than comfy pushing but the baby tolerated it and I made it through in what turned out to be the most beautiful, victorious birth ever. It was so wonderful and I’m so proud and happy with the outcome.

Julie’s Birth Story:
Thank you so much for all your help and energy!  Damian and I are excited to share with you that baby Ellen Drew was born on Sunday 4/7/13 at 9:43 am!!!  I had a successful VBAC free of all medications   Your hypnotherapy class was essential in our comfort during the delivery. . . she came fast (just like her brother), but no back labor this time!  Yea!  I started feeling consistent contractions around 3 am on Sunday and we made it to the hospital by 5:30 (we had to get her brother Ian with a friend and we are a bit slow moving in the mornings :)).  They checked me at 6:30 and I was at 6 cm. . . I was having contractions so quietly that we would have to let the nurse know when they were occurring   Things got a bit more intense in the time to come (and I was even considering our alternatives), but when they checked me again an hour later at 7:30, I was already at 9 cm and that helped me know that things would be calming down shortly.  The pushing stage went well. . . I was able to use my birth breathing techniques (my doula Melissa said she’s never seen someone do the birth breathing so well :)).  But after an hour and a half of this, I was ready to begin pushing and to have the baby which happened quickly.  The joy in the natural birth and its recovery has been wonderful.  We are loving our time getting to know Ellie and her big brother Ian has been nothing but sweet.  Damian did great!  I will send you some pictures separately of us together during the labor. . . our doula got some great shots!  Thank you again for all your help. . . you were instrumental in our success