Massage Therapy Testimonials

Lori has helped me with so many physical ailments. I feel more in control over my health and pain because of her. She has a wealth of knowledge that arms her with knowing exactly how to help me feel not only physically but emotionally and mentally better. I can’t thank Lori enough for everything she has helped me with. I HIGHLY recommend her!
Kristy G.

I went to Lori for a pre-natal massage and had been having nerve pain in my hip for months that even a chiropractor hadn’t been able to help with. Not only was my hour massage very relaxing, extremely helpful in helping relieve tension in my whole body, but helped alleviate my hip pain significantly! I had also been experiencing pelvic pain on both sides due to my growing son and that tightness improved as well. I highly recommend her if you have any discomfort in your pelvis related to pregnancy or if you just want a great massage. I am planning on returning to her until my son is born and post-partum as well!
Brandi F.

I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful massage on Friday.  I came home and went for a walk and told Joe that I felt like I was in a completely different body. He could tell I was walking easier with less hip tension. You are really gifted and I feel spoiled and so lucky to have met you on my birthing journey. Thank you!
Sarah H.

I have been to many massage therapists over the years in different cities and different countries and Lori is, hands down (so to speak!), the best. She is a wonderful combination of warm and friendly and very professional. She is like seeing a medical professional who takes a pertinent history of how my body is feeling and what my physical needs are before placing me on her table. Her technical massage skills are outstanding. She has strong hands which is important to me. But she is also a natural healer. She has an intuitive sense of my body and what it needs. She connects with me as a person and I feel very cared for in her room. She gives me great advice about things I should do to address my chronic problem areas and always checks in with me about how things are going when I return for my next session. Lori is a kind, empathetic and highly skilled healer. She is well trained and passionate about her mission as a healer and it shows. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her and will continue seeing her on a regular basis.
Marla G.

I also highly, highly recommend seeing Lori for massage. I had received a pre natal massage once before I went to Lori and it hadn’t helped me very much. Lori is unlike any other massage therapist I have seen. She took the time to really listen to how I was feeling and appropriately tailored her treatment. She has amazing pillows that allowed me to be comfortable on my stomach. I was almost in tears after my first massage with her because I hadn’t felt that comfortable or relaxed in the previous 5 months of my pregnancy. Her massage stayed with me for about 2 weeks and I will be continuing to see her throughout the rest of my pregnancy. She is truly gifted and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone.
Sarah H.

Lori is fantastic. She really knows what she’s doing and has been helping me deal with lower back and psoas issues for the past nine or so months. She really listens to me each time I come in and works hard to give my body exactly the treatment it needs. She is firm but gentle and always makes sure I’m okay with the pressure. We’ve done internal pelvic therapy a number of times, and although it was a new experience for me, she made me feel completely relaxed. She also makes sure to give me exercises to work on at home, and it’s clear that she is invested in my health and improvement. She is chill, friendly, and cooler than I will ever be, although she has no pretension about her. The insurance I was using with her has run out, but I will continue to see her anyway and pay out of pocket, because she is worth it!
Ali R.

Fantastic fertility massage with Lori over at Bloom. As we prepare for IVF, I’m full of hormones and stress to boot, and decided to take advantage of this 5 day before our transfer and booked a 90 minute appointment. She was super nice, great amount of pressure, and the abdominal massage was intense and amazing – a great way to meditate during a very high emotion time!
Aimee L.

Lori is amazing. I worked construction for years until I hurt my back. I had surgery on my back a decade ago, and struggle with a desk job today. I can easy get out of alignment sitting all day, not to mention the extra pounds. Simply said, she tunes right into my internal dialog and employs techniques adjusting my joints and setting me straight like no one else has. She has a knack for locating the issues, and I’ve been a regular for a year now. Money well spent.
Ben F. 

Intense low back and psoas pain brought me to Lori after a referral.  She is an amazing healer, working very kindly and intuitively thru internal pelvic massage.  I found that the work and care she is providing is very thorough and gentle, yet extremely effective.  Lori took the time and care to follow up with me after my treatments and really made me feel like she is invested in my healing.  I am very grateful to have found her.
Amy R.